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Toprock Rockwool System from Holland
Rockwool is used on a large scale in greenhouses throughout the world. Hobby indoor growers increasingly use it enthusiastically.  Rockwool is clean, sterile and contrary to clay, very light.

The medium itself does not provide any nutrients. The result of which the grower is capable of determining exactly the nutrients for the plant. This increases the control over the growing process. Moreover, rockwool has a perfect water/air ratio for the roots, resulting in possibly bigger yields.

Rockwool slabs are placed in a Toprock rockwool tray (trough). The Toprock slabs are placed inside the tray. The Toprock trays are placed on a 3cm elevation enabling the excess water to run from the slab. After the slabs have been soaked with 10 litres of nutrient solution (temp. 21
C, EC value: 1.4, pH value: 5.3), make holes in the plastic underside. Attach the drain pipes to the front of the tray. The excess water can now run into an outlet via these pipes. Regularly check to see the pipes are not clogged up. Three to five 7.5cm propagation blocks can be placed on each rockwool slab. For this purpose, make square holes in the plastic at the top Use three to five rockwool trays per 600 Watt propagation lamp. In a small growing area, watering can be simply done by hand. Water the propagation blocks during the first few days. Once the plants have properly taken root in the slab, you can also water the slab. The watering process for rockwool systems can also be easily automated. Besides, regularity and the multiple waterings are beneficial to the plants. It is impossible to give too much water to rockwool, provided that the drainage system is working properly. Watering several times a day is better than giving the plants one large dose daily. In the latter case, the excess water will immediately flow away making the nutrients no longer available for the plants.

Automated irrigation
A drip-emitter is placed near each plant. These drip-emitters are connected to a capillary pipe, which in turn, is connected to a pump. The pump is controlled by an electronic timer that pumps water to the drip-emitters several times a day. The system can be easily expanded and can be made to fit into any growing area.

  • Firm, homogenous fibre structure
  • Good form retention, even after extended use
  • High porous volume for strong root development and sufficient availability of oxygen
  • High absorption capacity for the nutrient solution
  • Used by Holland's top grower's. A top quality, professional, crop specific Dutch rockwool for an especially sharp price
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