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A big welcome to all the readers who join us here on Highlife.


The Highlife Company is a proudly Australian owned and managed importer, marketer and distributor of horticultural equipment and supplies from Holland and around the world, available through retail dealers across Australasia.

A selection of our range includes
Highlife Hydroculture and CANNA® Award Winning Nutrients from Holland.

All our products are designed bearing the environment in mind. As they say in Holland "A better world starts with you".

What's New......
Your monthly update on the trends, products and people making news in the indoor gardening world


  The Future is Hydroculture: Get the WOW Factor!
With hydroculture, owning beautiful plants is easy, simple and extremely rewarding. You don't need a green thumb to have absolutely stunning plants in your home or office. Click now to know more
Featured Garden Products
Voted No.1 by growers around the world!   Easy as 1-2-3
CANNA® award winning crop specific products make it so easy for you to get proven results.
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 Improve Your Lot
Easy as cake.   CANNA® Terra® Vega & Flores
Voted the No.1 crop specific nutrient for plants by growers worldwide.
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 For heavier yields -crop after crop Super Plants
CANNA® Coco is Holland's plant growth medium of the future. Boost your flower power.
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 Grow Tips and Secrets
 Grow for it!

Grow Secrets
Want to know the secrets for successful hydro growing?
To find out how to grow like the Dutch masters click here now



Highlife, working with the world's leading manufacturer's, is dedicated to offering you the best cultivation experience.  

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