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The Future of Indoor Plants is Highlife Hydroculture: Get the WOW Factor!

Congratulations! Your interest in Hydroculture has opened the door to a new and exciting way of successful plant care and lush growth with beautiful flowers.

Widely recognised as the preferred method for growing ornamental plants in Europe, Highlife hydroculture makes owning beautiful plants easy, simple and extremely rewarding. You don't need a green thumb to have absolutely stunning plants in your home or office.

Worry Free Watering. One Glance is Enough!

The care of your hydroculture plants is incredibly easy. The intelligent self-watering system monitors your plants and gives them exactly the right amount of water and fertiliser they need, facilitating low maintenance gardening, widely sought after by the busy home gardener


With the unique, easy-to-read water level indicator you can see with one glance if the water-reservoir needs to be filled or not. Highlife hydroculture, simply more than leaves and flowers.

Vacations made Easy


The dream of every plant owner when going on holiday away from home: no one to have to ask to water your plants while on vacation. When you want to take a holiday, the inbuilt water reservoir will care for your plants. They can be left unattended for up to 4 weeks. Hydroculture takes the burden off your shoulders once again.

Keeps your Plants Thriving


Highlife hydroculture makes your home a green island of coziness. The optimal interaction of water and nutrient ensure plants thrive. Hydroculture is simple, healthy and successful. Apart from simplifying plant care, surely one of the most welcome advantages of hydroculture is the decreased frequency of watering. Containers need only be topped up one to three times a month, depending on the container size

Problem Free, Natural, Easy, Simple

Hydroculture plants grow in attractive LECA (Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate) granules instead of daggy bare soil and consist of an inner pot, an outer pot and a water level indicator that eliminates over or under-watering. Highlife hydroculture offers an extensive range of sensational outer pots in ceramic, plastic, glass, stone or terracotta to match your decor.


Allergy Free, Clean and Hygienic

In Hydroculture, dreary soil is replaced with colourful, light-weight LECA granules. LECA is a natural product and thanks to the specific manufacturing method used, is perfect for allergy sufferers as it is clean and hygienic, so bacteria, fungus and soil diseases have little chance of existing. With hydroculture you don't have to live without plants any longer.

 Hydroculture is a must for every grower

In Holland, Germany and Switzerland, one-third to one-half of all indoor houseplants and ornamentals in offices and public spaces are grown without soil. Experience there shows that plants grown in hydroculture are healthier and require less care than indoor soil-grown plants.

  • Plants grow faster and more vigorously
  • Plants are easier to take care of; there's less danger of over-or under watering
  • You have more control over growing conditions, so you get better results
  • You don't have to transplant plants as often
  • Plants are not subject to soil-borne pests and diseases
  • The hydroculture system is hypo-allergenic, No Soil, No Mould, No Mildew
  • No need to hide ugly plastic pots
  • Always know when to water and how much to water
  • The hydroculture medium (LECA) is 100% recyclable. You can use the growing media over and over again!
  • Healthier root zone, producing healthier foliage and more flower production
  • A wide range of sensational pots to match your decor
  • No more sick or dying plants
  • Great for windowsills
  • Water with less frequency
  • Living is nicer with hydroculture
  • Good form retention, even after extended use
  • Growing plants in hydroculture means no daggy soil to cover up
  • Healthier root zone, producing healthier foliage and more flower production
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