We advise the following: begin with 1 minute watering (50ml) and that approximately 6 times per day.

Only water the plants during the day period! Begin with dripping a couple of minutes before the lights come on. During 18 hours of light (out of 24, so a night lasts 6 hours) you stop 6 hours before the lamps go out, with 12 hours (out of 24, so a night lasts also 12 hours) the last watering is 2 hours before the lamps go out.

Provide for a minimum of 25% of drainage. Because sometimes we hear from people that they measure an EC of 7.0ms in the slab. This is often caused by too little drainage, which creates excess salt build-up in the slab. If the EC in the slab has increased to extreme highs then flush the slabs through with normal tap water with an adjusted pH of 5.8.

In the flowering stage, don't overwater because then the tops will become long and whispery. With too little water the mat will quickly become acidic. Choose therefore for a golden middle way.


N.B .These are only guidelines and should not be strictly followed. (If for example your plants have had a slow start, our day 8 might be your 11th). It is advisable to stop with all nutrients and only use tap water, without pH correction, a week before harvesting. This forces the plant to use up all its nutrient reserves, considerably improving the sweetness and taste. During the whole period, monitor the EC and the pH in the slab at least once a week.