• Keep your grow room clean! Clean everything (floors, walls, scissors, buckets) with an antiseptic before you start. Never allow domestic pets in there. Always take care when you enter the room: Did you touch any animals? Did you walk through a garden? Are your hands clean?


    Don't fool yourself by saving money on:-
  • Provide sufficient ventilation. Allow for the entry of fresh air by means of a large enough grill. Allow for exhaust air by means of calculating the grow rooms volume (LxHxW in metres multiplied by at least 20 air changes/hour) to determine what capacity fan you should have in m3/hour.
  • You should prevent turning your lamps off and on more than once per cycle. When High Intensity Discharge lamps are turned off, they require about a 15 minute delay before they'll relight. It is advisable to replace your bulbs after approximately 4 to 6 harvests. Although a lamp might burn for a 2 years it is advisable not to wait until then because the lumen output will be reduced to HALF the output of a new bulb.